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Vishnu Sharma, Advocate

Ward No 27, Suratgarh

Distt. Sriganganagar {Rajasthan}

Mobile: +919414381199
Email: adv_v_sharma@yahoo.com


.......Legal ad to deprived and desired person for welfare of society.......


Law of gov.Law of society.Law of person to person is diffrent. but law of affection never changes its rules.Law is the thinking of man.God makes only natural laws which are not challangable in any court.God decides what is sin and what is charity.Law of civilized society only decides what is wrong and punishable.....! Law is passion for those whose are rational. Law is also the business for those whose are depend on legal drama.law of mercy is safety valve for society.Law is the rule of several to dominate certain people.Law is necessity of todays filth.....! On otherhand Law is truth. Endless truth.So Please Beware about LAW.....!

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